Discord in the Golec family. What did brothers Łukasz and Paweł do

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Nothing builds family members like compatibility and mutual trust.

Discord in the Golec family. What did brothers Łukasz and Paweł do?

The media reported that the family leader of the Golec uOrkiestra band had a dispute over a very important thing.

They went about the composition of the band?

The band Golec uOrkiestra, led by brothers Paweł and Łukasz at the head, is associated mainly with a great, musician family, a visit to their homeland during Christmas , beautiful appearances on TV, hits in a g & oacute; atmosphere and with extremely warm memories of regional holidays.

Both Łukasz and Paweł have had families long ago, they have beautiful wives, but only Łukasz's wife gives concerts with the band. As it turns out, contrary to the ideas of many people, Łukasz and Paweł with their families do not live in a common house and do not see each other every day.

They very often have their family reunion during all family anniversaries, holidays and other traditions, or at rehearsals and concerts. As reported by Wirtualna Polska, Paweł Golec turned out to be a promising musician, and her parents see nothing wrong with joining the Golec uOrkiestra band in the future.

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According to Łukasz, who died during one of the interviews, the family got stuck some time ago that not all of its members would be included in the ranks of Golec uOrkiestra. Therefore, it is disturbing for Łukasz that his niece might want to join the group.

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Will Maja Golec join a famous g & oacute; ral band? As you can hear, the teenager has a voice like a bell and plays the keyboards beautifully, which will surely ensure her musical career, but it is not known whether Uncle Łukasz will allow his niece's career to flourish at Golec uOrkiestra.

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