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Discover the secrets of Samsung's foldable smartphones

“Discover the secrets of Samsung's foldable smartphones”

PRODUCT SECRETS. Why and how did Samsung implement this? on foldable phones? Discover the manufacturing secrets of the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip in this episode of “Product Secrets”.

New video format from Linternaute.com, "Product Secrets" looks back at the origins and design of several products and services in our daily lives. In the first issue, we questioned Julien Douabin, product manager at Samsung. The latter presented us with the different ambitions of the brand as well as the challenges ahead. note in the design of their foldable smartphones. How were created these new innovative products? the challenges ahead raise? How did Samsung go about making the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip? The answers in this episode.

Product secrets: the inside of Samsung's foldable phones

Samsung has been developing and releasing two types of foldable smartphones for several years: the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold, which opens like a book, and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, designed more like a book. a telephone flapper. These two products are based on a basic principle of a foldable screen that the company has been designing for many years. This is a good thing: screens are a specialty. at Samsung and the company designs panels for several other well-known brands in the tech sector.

With “Product Secrets”, Linternaute.com regularly interviews brands on the origins and design of the products and services of our daily lives. Designers, designers, marketing managers… Discover the secrets of today's and tomorrow's innovations as told by their creators.

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