Discovered an amazing ability in babies: it manifests itself immediately after birth


    An amazing ability has been discovered in babies: it manifests itself immediately after birth

    Scientists believe that you need to start talking to the baby right away, so his brain starts learning everything new soon after birth.

    A new study has found that just a few hours after birth, newborns are already beginning to process the speech sounds they hear. Scientists have figured out some details of the rapid process of learning new sound information for him, ScienceAlert reports.

    Scientists led by Guillaume Thierry of the University of Bangor, USA conducted a study on children, which showed that within a few hours after birth, babies can learn the different sounds of the speech they hear.

    New research

    < p> During the study, scientists put special caps on the heads of babies with sensors that tracked their brain activity. The scientists wanted to understand which areas of the brain would be most active during the experiment.

    “During the first three hours after birth, all babies reproduced pairs of vowel sounds that, according to previous predictions, they should have distinguished. These were ordinary vowel sounds and modified sounds. Usually, when it comes to speech, such changes are noticeable, but in the case of vowel sounds, even most adults can't always distinguish between these changes,” Thierry says.

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    Babies can learn right after birth< /h2>

    It turned out that during the first three hours after birth, babies, judging by the indicators of brain activity, could not yet distinguish these sounds. But after five hours of listening to sounds, the situation has changed. Sensors have shown that the brain of infants already distinguishes these sounds, although it responds better to normal sounds. Scientists checked the readings of the sensors in children who slept or did not talk to, and did not notice such brain activity. Children who listened to sounds as early as 7 hours after birth were able to respond to normal vowel sounds, which was not observed in silent children with whom no one spoke.

    “It turns out that babies need only a few hours to to understand which speech sounds are normal and which are not,” says Thierry.

    Activity in the brain of babies

    “We also found that neurons in the brains of children who the sounds began to “communicate” with each other, but this was not observed in children who did not hear vowels,” says Thierry.

    An amazing ability has been discovered in babies: it manifests itself immediately after birth

    You need to talk to newborns

    Scientists believe that babies benefit greatly from the fact that they begin to communicate with them immediately after birth. According to Thierry, the child is not initially programmed for certain actions, but receives information with the help of the sense of touch. Therefore, regardless of genetic inheritance, the infant receives knowledge about the world through sensory channels – hearing, sight, taste, smell and touch. And these channels begin their work immediately after birth.

    “Of course, each child has one or another predisposition to learning, based on the genes of the parents. But the baby is already able to perceive any new information for him immediately after the appearance into the world. Therefore, you need not only to talk with a newborn, but also share your emotions and experiences with him. He needs to be shown different objects, turn on music, that is, give the most diverse experience that will serve as food for the growth and development of the child’s brain from the first hours appearance. Perhaps in this way you will initially set the vector of its further development, “says Thierry.

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