“Disgusting and sweaty”: the accuser of Prince Andrew said about sex with the son of the Queen…

«Отвратительный и потный»: обвинительница принца Эндрю рассказала о сексе с сыном королевы...

American Virginia Giuffrè (before her marriage she bore the name of Roberts), who claims that forced American billionaire Jeffrey Epstein thrice had sex with Prince Andrew when she was 17 years old, gave an interview to journalists of Bi-bi-si.

“He knows what happened I know what happened, and only one of us is telling the truth,” said 36-year-old woman talking about the middle son of Queen Elizabeth, said earlier that “does not remember” Virginia and that he never joined her in an intimate relationship.

Giuffrè said that in 2001, Epstein took her to London to meet the Prince. In the evening of meeting, March 10, the Duke of York Andrew took her to the nightclub Tramp.

“We went to the VIP area. We didn’t have to stand in line, because I was a Prince. Andrew asked what I want to drink, I asked for something from the bar,” says Giuffrè. According to her, the Prince bought her a vodka. And then invited her to dance.

“He was the most hideous dancer I had ever seen. It was horrible and he constantly sweated — it’s like they poured the rain of his sweat. I was disgusted, but understood that it must entertain, because Jeffrey and Ghislaine wanted,” says Virginia Giuffrè, mentioning Ghislaine Maxwell Epstein’s assistant.

“Then in the car Ghislaine told me that I had done to Andrew what I did for Geoffrey. I just felt bad. I did not expect this from a member of the Royal family,” told Giuffrè.

After that, all three went to the house of Maxwell in London’s Belgravia, where 17-year-old Giuffrè, and the Duke of York claims the woman had sex. “It started in the bathroom, and then continued in the bedroom. It didn’t last long, the whole procedure. It was disgusting. He wasn’t angry with me or something. He just stood up, said “thank you” and left. And I was terrified to sit on the bed, feeling shame and feeling dirty. I just used a member of the Royal family,” said the woman, who at times could not hold back the tears.

“I beg the British to support me, to help me in this fight and not accept it as the norm,” said Virginia.

“All involved will continue to come up with ridiculous excuses. I will say that his arm looks too long, or a photograph retouched, or is he just then came to new York to break up with Jeffrey Epstein… I will say that it’s a lie, because this is it,” he said Giuffrè.

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