Dishwashing rules that will simplify and speed up this process several times


    July 6, 2022, 10:02 | Science and technology

    Make your life easier.

    Dishwashing rules that will simplify and will speed up this process several times

    Even such a simple task as washing dishes, which every housewife does every day, has its subtleties, informs Ukr.Media.

    Knowing these tricks will help save precious time, and also save energy that can be spent on a more pleasant activity.

    Dishes should be washed in a certain order – you need to start with cups and glasses, then move on to plates, and such bulky ones items such as pans and pots should be left for last.

    This is done even in kindergartens, where the number of dirty cups and saucers tends to infinity.

    You should start an unloved activity immediately, even if to do this I don't want to at all. It is much easier to wash off leftover food if it has not dried up and stuck to the dishes.

    If you urgently need to run, do not throw dirty dishes in the sink. Instead, close the sink with a stopper and fill with water with mustard powder added. After such a "bath" any contamination can be washed off with a “light movement of the hand”.

    If the hot water is suddenly turned off, or even if the dishwashing liquid has run out, ordinary household soap will come to the rescue.

    It perfectly fights grease even in ice water. And you can increase the effectiveness of soap when washing greasy surfaces by adding dry mustard and vinegar to it.


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