Dismissals in Meta: Quebecers breathe a sigh of relief

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Dismissals at Meta: Quebecers breathe a sigh of relief

Meta announced this week the layoff of 13% of its workforce. It's the largest tech layoff in the United States.

Quebec employees who work for Meta, Facebook's parent company, experienced the first wave of cuts in the company's history with great anguish and many are now breathing a sigh of relief.

< p class="e-p">I survived eventually, but that's not true for everyone in my team and my department. Morose day, said Christian (fictitious name), during an exchange with Radio-Canada.

Another employee who requested anonymity was also spared the ax, but admitted to feeling very worried, as did several of his teammates.

I don't I didn't lose my job today. I breathe a sigh of relief, but it was intense, said Patrick (not his real name). over $600 billion), Meta announced the layoff of 11,000 of its workers, 13% of its workforce, the largest tech layoff in the United States.

By comparison, social network Twitter, now owned by Elon Musk, fired half of its 7,500 employees in another thunderous announcement last week.

This plan austerity was predictable, however, believes another Quebecer, Robin Lavallée, who worked in Mark Zuckerberg's company between July 2021 and April 2022.

We hired so much during the pandemic, it's the swing of the pendulum. And there is very strong competition from TikTok which has hurt Facebook. I don't have the statistics, but the younger generation doesn't use Facebook. It's an old thing, explained Mr. Lavallée.

Robin Lavallée worked for Meta just under a year.

During his time at Facebook, he worked on the founder's flagship project, Metaverses. In nearly two years, this division that bets on virtual reality has swallowed up the sum of 21 billion dollars.

Metaverse, it's a risky bet. Zuckerberg believes in it a lot, that's obvious. I think it might work, but it's probably 10-15 years too early. Until then, it's a costly gamble, he added.

Even though he left Meta a few months ago to found his own console video game port company, Robin Lavallée nevertheless believes that the Silicon Valley company still has several assets to bounce back.

There is a lot of talent in the company and the most awesome development tools I have seen. They have really good technology, he claimed.

With the economic slowdown and inflation, advertisers are now skittish and advertising revenue has declined for groups like Twitter or Meta. Other layoffs are therefore to be expected.

San Francisco is a graveyard of start-ups! I believe this is just the beginning of layoffs and there will be many in 2023, analyzed Jean-Sébastien Royer, programmer for Reddit, a discussion site founded in 2005 in San Francisco.

The company does not plan to cut any new staff in the coming months, but according to the Quebecer, who has been in California for five years, smaller groups could suffer from the slowdown.

It is sure that there will be a skimming. There will be some that will fall, but we must not forget that other companies were founded during the crises, this is the case of AirBnb for example, he said.

While several tech groups like Microsoft, Shopify, Lyft and Opendoor have announced layoffs in recent weeks, it was Tesla that got the ball rolling last June by eliminating 10% of its non-production workforce.

It was a surprise, we were all really shocked. Some would have liked to have had two months notice. It created a lot of internal turmoil, said Simon, a young Quebec programmer who had gone to California to work for Elon Musk's company.

The latter will have finally spent only five months at Tesla after a long and tedious process.

It was disappointing, hiring is long, two months in total with interviews and exams. When the layoffs came, I turned around and found it quickly. But other colleagues have houses, children, it was complicated for them, concluded the young man who now works from home … from Colombia.

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