Disney: The villains of your childhood are queer according to this theory


A relevant theory reveals that many villains from Disney studios have one thing in common : they would be coded queer. Is it verifiable?

Disney: Your childhood villains are queer according to this theory

Disney movie villains have a surprising similarity

With over 124 animated movies to ; its assets, Disney has a whole panoply of villains and heroes in its drawers. It is certain that certain characters tend to mark viewers more than others, probably because of their character traits, but also their story arcs. The stories developed are obviously in line with the company. in which we evolve, with the mores, codes and fights of today. If we pay close attention, some characters of the firm with big ears once conveyed an image of racism; something that would certainly not happen nowadays! With Avalonia, the strange journey, the studios will feature, for the first time in the history of the franchise, an openly homosexual character in the film. through Ethan Clide.

However, if we take a closer look at the attitude of some of our favorite antagonists, Disney tended to portray them as queer. For those who don't know, the word queer is associated with to a person whose orientation or identity does not correspond to the dominant models. However, it is important to remember that a queer person is not systematically homosexual. This is the word we throw at people. those who were not masculine enough in the eyes of society, women who looked like boys, beings whose gender clouds their tracks. According to a theory conveyed by Screen Rant, Disney introduced the community to queer in his films only at through bad guys.

Disney: Your childhood villains are queer according to this theory

These queer-coded Disney villains

The clearest example of a Disney villain that fits into this category is certainly Ursula fromThe Little Mermaid,whose appearance was modeled after drag queen Divine. Yet countless other iconic villains were queer-coded as well. We can cite in particular Scar, who, without any judgment, seems less virile or masculine than Mufasa, at least in comparison. comparison title. In the same way, Jafar or even Hades (which will be found in the adaptation of the live-action cartoon) will have facial expressions or a way of expressing themselves less ” tested” than other male characters from the studios. In Peter Pan, Captain Hook was also more theatrical and dressed up; with much more class than any other pirates we know.

Disney: The Villains of Your childhood are queer according to this theory

There is nothing wrong with coding Disney characters as queer, which may further raise questions is that it is only the villains. Some viewers may thus associate a queer person with “evil”. This may be because queer can also mean “weird” or “different” in the etymology of the word, and Disney wanted to show that through their terrible actions towards nice people, < strong>the bad guys were often thought of as outsiders. In addition, Disney has recently invented nice queer characters.

Before you find out which other Disney villains you think are coded queer, come play with us and discover thanks to; this personality test What a Disney villain you are!