Disney + vs Netflix: is Mickey already winning the streaming war?


A year after its launch, has Disney + revolutionized the SVOD market? Did Mickey win the showdown against Netflix, Apple TV + or even Amazon?

He is our box office specialist, Geoffrey looked at the first year of existence of Disney +, which represents a major commercial, financial and strategic investment for uncle Mickey , who has recently changed culture, in order to favor streaming and a direct relationship with consumers, like Netflix. A metamorphosis that currently drives all the main actors of the Hollywood industry, and whose consequences are already palpable.

As evidenced by the successes of The Mandalorian , releases away from the cinemas of Mulan and soon Soul , the cinematographic industrial landscape is in the grip of profound upheavals . But, while the figures and concrete data on the success of works, or on the enthusiasm generated by the platforms have never been so opaque, how to interpret these developments? Has Mickey already won the streaming war?

We are trying to give you some answers.

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