Disqualification of Patrick Brown: a whistleblower speaks


Disqualification of Patrick Brown: a whistleblower speaks

< p class="sc-v64krj-0 knjbxw">Patrick Brown is excluded from the CCP leadership race.

Debbie Jodoin, who identifies herself as Patrick Brown's campaign whistleblower, says she personally discussed with Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) leadership candidate Patrick Brown an arrangement under which she would be paid by a company private.

Mr. Brown told me it was okay for me to be employed by a company as a consultant and then have that company volunteer me for the campaign, reads a statement released by Debbie Jodoin's lawyers. /p>

He [Mr. Brown] connected me via text message with a third party for this purpose. I trusted him, but over time I became more and more worried about this arrangement and suspected that it was not right.

Ms. Jodoin says she started working as a regional organizer for Mr. Brown's campaign in May, at his request, and has more than two decades of Party experience Conservative Party of Canada.

Ms. Jodoin raised her concerns with the CCP through her legal counsel, the statement says.

On Tuesday, the Conservative Party leadership committee kicked Mr Brown out of the leadership race, over serious allegations of wrongdoing related to funding rules.

M. Brown denied wrongdoing and pointed out that the CCP did not provide him with details of the allegations before disqualifying him.

More details to follow.

With information from CBC


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