Disturbing forecasts for the coming winter. Are there long-term frosts waiting for us?

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This winter, thermometers can see temperatures that have not been seen for 10 years.

 Disturbing forecasts for the coming winter. Are we facing long-term frosts

According to the “Radio Zet” portal, some long-term forecasts for the coming winter indicate that we must be ready for severe frost. We have not recorded such low temperatures in a decade. The phenomenon that appears on the southern pore would be responsible for the cold and snowy winter. Get to know the details!

Winter weather worries everyone

This winter's weather is something that interests and worries us in particular. This is hardly surprising given the energy crisis we are already struggling with. Many people have yet to purchase coal, and the prices of other fuels are limiting our ability to stockpile, raising concerns about whether our homes will be warm this winter.

The winters in recent years have not been particularly cold and the snow has also been a remedy. The forecast of the “Your Weather” portal indicates that we will face an extremely cold and snowy winter, although it must be admitted that most other forecasts indicate that it will be another mild and warm winter. But let's take a closer look at the less optimistic model.

 Disturbing forecasts for the coming winter. Are we facing long-term frosts? /></p></p><p> <strong> This could be one of the coldest winters in a decade </strong></p><p>It turns out that the model used by the “Your Weather” portal takes into account an event in the southern hemisphere. We are talking about the eruption of an underwater volcano on the Tonga Islands, which took place in January this year. The force of the eruption was so great that it destroyed one of the smaller islands of the Tonga archipelago.</p><p> The explosion resulted in the emission of a large amount of water vapor, which is a greenhouse gas. “Heating the lower stratosphere means the reverse of the upper stratosphere, which becomes cool and dry,” we read. This is to have a direct impact on the weather in the northern part of the globe. Already, according to the portal “Your weather”, we see a weakening of the layout.</p><p> <iframe width =

This in previous years has led to the occurrence of colder winters on our ground. At the same time, it was emphasized that this is not yet a certain forecast, but only one of the possible scenarios.

Do you think this forecast will come true?

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