Disturbing news comes from the family of Mateusz Morawiecki. His niece was hospitalized with injuries


Klara Williams is the daughter of Anna Morawiecka and Jarosław Broda. The daughter of the prime minister's sister has an acting couple.

 Disturbing news comes from Mateusz Morawiecki's family. His niece with injuries was taken to hospital

Klara Williams, also known in the family circle & oacute; also as Klara Broda, was born June 5, 1992 in Warsaw. As a graduate of the Academy of Theater Arts, she works as a television and theater actress.

Mateusz Morawiecki's niece gives the bad news

A disturbing entry about her accident and hospitalization appeared on the artist's Instagram profile. It is not clear from the description of the blonde what accident she was the victim of, but she mentioned her injuries and also noted that she had been in the hospital for several days.

I had a serious accident and have been in the hospital for several days. It was quite scary, but luckily the situation is under control. I have a very seriously broken nose, a hematoma on my forehead, hands in a sling and many injuries all over my body 🥺 Please send me good energy and wishes for a speedy recovery. I really need your support now – she wrote in the description for the photo.

In the comments section there was a lot of support for anxiety and wishes for a quick recovery.

The photo taken from inside the hospital room shows the actress of “First Love” in bed, in a sitting position, however, according to the description, her hands should be secured with slings, while the photo contradicts this.

Post from Klara Williams✨ (@ klarawilliams.official)

Nevertheless The media career of Klara Williams is quite smooth, which, apart from her role in the series, is evidenced by participation in the program “Your face sounds familiar”.

View this Instagram post

Post from Klara Williams✨ (@ klarawilliams.official)

Those interested in her art may wonder, so the niece of one of the of the most influential politicians in the Polish political scene uses the name Williams, instead of Brod after his father.

When asked about it, she revealed to the media that it was her decision made fully consciously. She emphasized emphatically that this is the result of her desire for independence, but feeling supported by her family, she is aware that they are rooting for her.


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