Disturbing news for the inhabitants of Poland. Will there be an increase in the price of water?


The media still informs about the possible deterioration of the already very bad economic situation.

 Disturbing news for the inhabitants of Poland. Will we expect an increase in the price of water? inflation, which has been growing happily for many years, is now reaching its peak, announced by the government and the media. </p>
<h2> Are we in danger of a serious water deficit and further increases? </h2>
<p> < p>It is no secret that the media reports mainly concern decisions made by individual ministries, whose representatives during a press conference come out in front of the cameras, inform about increases, at the same time calling for savings, and then they can safely return home unharmed the effects of government inflation. </p>
<p> Now the media reports that the lion's share of water and sewage companies is demanding changes to the tariff for water distribution and sewage disposal. </p>
<p>As it turns out, individual entities demand exorbitant increases of up to 40% over a three-year period. They forecast that due to drought and inflation, there may be a decrease in water consumption and the amount of sewage to be exported, but the president of the board in Polish, Przemysław Daca, assures that he will not allow too large changes in the tariff. He promised that the raises will not be painfully large, which immediately generates social acceptance for any increase, which is another one and is very ruining Polish households. </p>
<p> <em> Polish Waters from September 1 will consider applications , we will try to ensure that the changes are not too big. Companies demand large increases, e.g. in Lublin as much as 40 percent. within 3 years. The proposals for sex are very high. Some of them are substantively questionable to me. They forecast a decline in water consumption and sewage disposal, which is to justify the increases. and we know that they have increased even regardless of the influx of refugees from Ukraine. </em> – informs the president. </p>
<p> As he added, we currently have different types of droughts that cause a deficit in water resources, and the applications of water and sewage companies plan to consider by the end of this year. </p></p>

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