Disturbing reports about Majka Jeżowska's health. The singer's fans held their breath. The singer was supposed to be hospitalized

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Majka Jeżowska was hospitalized?

Disturbing reports about Majka Jeżowska's health. Fans of the singer held their breath. The singer was supposed to be hospitalized

According to the “Pomponik” portal, Majka Jeżowska was to the Hospital Emergency Department. According to the information obtained by the quoted portal, the singer's life is not in danger, but due to the accompanying symptoms, it was necessary to leave her for medical observation. The artist referred to these reports.

Majka Jeżowska was hospitalized

According to the report of the “Pomponik” portal, Jeżowska was supposed to go to the ER after she developed symptoms of food poisoning. It has been suggested that doctors diagnosed her with Salmonella poisoning.

The singer was supposed to feel nauseous, dizzy. She was also having a fever. The “Pomponika” source reported that the star's relatives were very concerned about her condition, fortunately, the message from the doctors was supposed to be quite reassuring. Majka Jeżowska's life is not in danger and after some time the star left the hospital.

Majka Jeżowska spoke about your health

Quite quickly, Majka Jeżowska decided to deny these reports. In an interview with the journalists of the “Plejada” portal, the singer said that the information about her poor health and hospital visits was “fake news”. People from the artist's environment also confirm that she is fine and in great shape.

Fans of the artist will surely breathe a sigh of relief. Many still remember disturbing reports from the beginning of this year, when Majka Jeżowska struggled with serious health problems. She had a low haemoglobin at the time and was hospitalized at the time.

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