Disturbing reports by scientists. The rainwater is full of “eternal chemicals”


What are “eternal chemicals” and why are they dangerous to us?

Disturbing news scientist & oacute ; v. The rain is full of

According to the website “Geek Week”, many of us expect rain, which will help to deal with the ongoing drought. The latest research results leave no doubt that rain all over the world is contaminated with “eternal chemicals”. Many of these substances are carcinogenic and promote the development of other diseases. Get to know the details.

Pollution in rain

Rain pollution is a problem that has its source in human activity. During the research, it was shown that the rain contains perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl (PFAS) substances. They get into the environment through industrial activities, sewage, and also from packaging. They are released into the atmosphere mainly from foams.

Scientists from Stockholm University and the Federal Polytechnic University of Zurich have found that PFAS can be found even in places as far away as Tibet and even Antarctica. PFAS are referred to as “eternal chemicals” as they remain in the environment for up to one millennium.

 Disturbing reports by scientist. Rain is full of

In the 1950s, their harmfulness was confirmed, which initiated the process of their elimination from industry. And although the restriction of their use, the amount of PFAS in surface waters decreased, as did in soil. The bad news is that in the atmosphere their amount remains virtually unchanged.

Non-potable water

According to US Environmental Protection Agency regulations , the amount of PFAS in the drinking water must not exceed 0.004 nanograms per liter. Therefore, rain is absolutely beyond the scope of these requirements.

It's obvious that we don't consume rainwater – at least not directly. However, you should be aware of the fact that rain feeds many drinking water intakes.

 Disturbing reports by a scientist. The rain is full of

Did you expect the situation to be so difficult?


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