Disturbing reports on the health of Jan Frycz. What is wrong with the actor liked by the audience


Fans do not hide their concern about the condition of Jan Frycz.

 Disturbing reports on Jan Frycz's health condition. health. All because of a serious accident that the actor had 7 years ago. It was then that the artist suffered a spine injury, the consequences of which he still feels today. Unfortunately, all treatments Frycz undergoes do not bring any effect. </p>
<p> <strong> Jan Frycz faces serious health problems </strong> </p>
<p>According to media reports, Jan Frycz's health has deteriorated recently. Unfortunately, the injuries he had suffered in the past made themselves felt with increased force. After the actor suffered a spinal injury, he underwent surgery and rehabilitation. </p>
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At the end of last year, he underwent surgery, although the effects were short-lived. “Super Express” indicates that recently Jan Frycz has more and more problems with moving around. The health indisposition is so severe that the actor was forced to cancel his participation in the promotion of his daughter Maria's book.

During the author's meetings, Jan Frycz was supposed to read excerpts from the book “Frank”, but his back problems were to prevent him from doing so. He is under the constant care of not only doctors, but also his wife. Although his health condition made it impossible for him to accompany his daughter, he assures him that he is very proud of her literary endeavors and keeps his fingers crossed for her.

 Disturbing reports about the state health of Jan Frycz What is wrong with the actor liked by the viewer

Jan Frycz is an actor with a rich artistic output. He has both theatrical roles and appearances in films and series. Recently we had the opportunity to see him in the productions of “Gierek”, “25 years of innocence. Tomek Komenda's case” or “Krime story. Love story”.

And you, what role of Jan Frycz do you remember the most? ?


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