Disturbing reports on the health of Jarosław Kaczyński. One of his associates revealed how much the president is suffering

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What is wrong with Jarosław Kaczyński?

 Disturbing reports on Jarosław Kaczyński's health. One of his co-workers revealed how much the president is suffering

As the “Super Express” portal reminds us, in recent weeks Jarosław Kaczyński has been traveling around Poland and meeting his supporters. It turns out that although the president of Law and Justice bursts with humor at the meetings, behind this smile there is a huge b & oacute; l. Deputy Tadeusz Cymański revealed what was wrong with Kaczyński. What else did he say?

The PiS president is suffering enormously

Careful observation of President Jarosław Kaczyński during meetings with his supporters allows us to see that he is not in the best condition. The president of PiS has clear problems with walking, and you can see a b & oacute; loosely on his face. According to the political scientist, prof. Kazimierz Kik, it is from the b & oacute; lu the mistakes and blunders of President Kaczyński.

“You can already see that Kaczyński has big problems with walking. And b & oacute; l generally affects the intellect, well-being and confidence, “said Kik.

Jarosław Kaczyński is still before the procedure of implanting a second knee joint prosthesis. The president underwent the first treatment three years ago. His strength and willingness to meet sympathizers, despite the b & oacute; lu, amazes a politician in the United Right camp.

 Disturbing reports on the state Jarosław Kaczyński's health. One of his co-workers revealed how much the president suffers

Tadeusz Cymański praises the president Kaczyński

The politician of the PiS club in an interview with “Super Express” admitted that he admired the president for the fact that, despite his b & oacute; lu, he is so active in activities for the party. Tadeusz Cymański has no doubts that “the president is always up to the task”, regardless of what he has to deal with privately.

Cymański admitted that he sees how big a problem with walking the president Jarosław Kaczyński has and believes that many young people should follow the example of the president.

 Disturbing reports about Jarosław Kaczyński's health. One of his co-workers. ; w revealed how much the president suffers

Do you think that this is the time when Jarosław Kaczyński should focus primarily on his health?

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