Disturbing reports on the health of Katarzyna Dowbor. The presenter was taken to the hospital. The fans do not hide their concern

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What's wrong with Katarzyna Dowbor?

 Worrying reports about Katarzyna Dowbor's health. The presenter was hospitalized. Fans do not hide their anxiety

According to the “Radio Zet” portal, fans do not hide their concern about Katarzyna Dowbor. Media reports indicate that the beloved host of the “Our New Home” program was admitted to the hospital and did not appear on the set. Get to know the details!

Katarzyna Dowbor in the hospital

The information provided by the portal “Pomponik” shows that Katarzyna Dowbor was hospitalized. The presenters were to be absent from the recordings of the program “Our New Home”, which she is the hostess. The journalists' fans held their breath for a moment, full of fear for their favorite.

It is hardly surprising, we are all aware that the journalist suffers from Graves' disease. After six years of taking steroid drugs, the journalist had to undergo a thyroidectomy, which tightened up and allowed her to return to activity.

Fortunately, it turned out that the visit to the hospital was associated with the annual checkups, performed by Katarzyna Dowbor. “Nothing is wrong, please don't worry” – she assured in an interview with “Pomponik”, which many of her sympathizers took with a great relief.

Katarzyna Dowbor had to spend three days in the hospital to undergo the aforementioned tests. Unfortunately, the timing of the inspection coincided with the shooting of the next episodes of “Our New Home”, which meant that Dowbor could not be present on the set.

The good news is that Katarzyna Dowbor has already left the medical facility. The presenter assured that the test results are good and there is no reason to be concerned. She also has good memories of her stay in the hospital. This will certainly please fans of Katarzyna Dowbor, who cannot imagine that she could disappear from the antenna.

For us, there is nothing else to do but wish the host of the “Our New Home” program that her health would continue to be good. .

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