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Djebril Slatni : one androgynous with skin-deep sensitivity joins the Star Academy

Djebril Slatni is one of the candidates for the Star Academy 2023 which begins this Saturday evening, on TF1. Portrait of an artist skin flower.

Djebril, aged 22-year-old, joins the universe of Star Academy this Saturday evening, for the launch of the new 2023 season. The young man promises to be a key character in the series. adventure, with a journey that breaks stereotypes. Originally from Carros, in the Alpes-Maritimes, the artist, whose sensitivity is is palpable, ready to feel offer a show where his voice and his body become one.

The trigger for Djebril Slatni, a shy and reserved child, seems to have been  provoked by a trip to Canada. In an interview given to France Bleu, he confides that a stay at Vancouver was for him a revelator. "I didn't allow myself to singing in front of witnesses, I was very shy," he explains to the Nice Matin newspaper. Canada was therefore the theater of his metamorphosis: there he learned to dance and thus liberated himself from his channels to fully embrace his passion for music and dance.

This perfectionist, a bit “stubborn”, with an androgynous look, is no longer a stranger to the world. the scene. Before entering the competition, Djebril already has shown his talent to the whole world via YouTube, with a clip entitled; "Le Temps", which has already captivated the attention of 23,000 spectators. This title reveals a strong voice and an assertive dance style, proof of his training at the Dalida Institute, an establishment created by the Dalida Institute. by Bruno Berberes.

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Sensitive and vulnerable

"Music and dance are my only vectors of expression," he confides, emphasizing that he has developed his skills. his desire to make music his profession during the pandemic, after returning from his Canadian trip. Today, on Instagram, he shares his music and reveals himself a little more to the general public, gradually giving up on himself. little his shyness of yesteryear.

Djebril Slatni expects nothing less from the Star Academy than a springboard to confirm this famous letting go that he is looking for. Pushed by his sisters, passionate about American music, he was taught by his sisters, who were passionate about American music. influenced by artists such as Celine Dion and Destiny's Child. This candidate, who admits to fearing his great sensitivity and his vulnerability, sees in this program an "opportunity’ of madness" to learn and express yourself.

He arrives in this adventure with a specific objective: to reveal his "True Colors" and help others to accept yourself. With the Star Academy as a platform, Djebril hopes to not only perfect his craft, but also provide example and support to others. those who recognize themselves in him. "If I can help certain people who can recognize themselves in me, in my music, in my person, I hope they will support me," he shares with hope.

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