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Djokovic - Dimitrov: the Serbian still crowned at Paris-Bercy, the summary of the final

Novak Djokovic easily won the match. face to face Grigor Dimitrov this Sunday, November 5 (6-4, 6-3) and won the Paris-Bercy tournament for the seventh time.

Novak Djokovic wins Paris-Bercy for the seventh time after correcting his mistake. Grigor Dimitrov (6-4, 6-3). The start of the meeting is rather tight. Both men are a little tense and the unforced errors keep coming. But at the right moment, the Serb ends up taking the service of his opponent who has never been able to raise his level of play and rediscovering the flamboyant tennis that he practiced before. all week long. À three games throughout the first set, Novak Djokovic takes his opponent's service and confirms his break. He doesn't let up on his faceoffs and easily wins the first round. The start of the second set is also rather tight. but Grigor Dimitrov seems to be foiling a bit and it's a catastrophic game punctuated by three consecutive unforced errors that the Bulgarian will again drop his serve. The Serbian confirms with a shutout and will then be untouchable even when the game is over. Grigor Dimitrov seems to wake up by dismissing, in a very beautiful way, a double break point. The mission was then too difficult to take the service of the indomitable Novak Djokovic who continues to mark the history of tennis.

17:13 – Djokovic speaks in French in the text

After his 40th title in Masters 1000, Novak Djokovic delivered; his first impressions in the language of Molière: "Thank you to the ball boys. You are the best in the world. I also want to thank the public because it's incredible to see that every year there are so many of you. It's a pleasure to be here. The relationship with the public this week was special but thank you all the same because it's also thanks to you that I am there."

17:08 – Dimitrov's first words

The 17th player in the world addressed his first words after his defeat in this Djokovic – Dimitrov with tremolos in his voice: "I just want thank you for an incredible week and it has been a great time lately. a bit of a roller coaster. You don't know what to do how important this tournament is to me. I want to congratulate Novak Djokovic even if I don't really know what to say to him anymore."

17:05 – Teddy Riner will present the trophies

The French judoka enters the center court and has been defeated. designated to present the trophy to Grigor Dimitrov then to; Novak Djokovic.

17:02 – The trophy presentation ceremony begins

It's the end of this Paris-Bercy Masters 1000 and the awards ceremony begins after the victory of the world number one in this Djokovic – Dimitrov. p>

16:59 – Dimitrov's Tears

À At the end of this Djokovic – Dimitrov, the Bulgarian burst into tears and is comforted. by the public of Paris-Bercy. The 17th player in the world misses a second opportunity to win a Masters 1000.

16:55 – Records and more records

Novak Djokovic continues to dazzle world tennis with his class. After this victory at At the end of this Djokovic – Dimitrov, the Serb is the oldest player in the game. à win this Paris-Bercy tournament and is the first to win this tournament. winning twice, in the same year, Roland-Garros and the Parisian Masters 1000. 

Grigor Dimitrov was unable to do anything and more than logically bowed to the sacred monster. world tennis! Novak Djokovic wins in two sets and is crowned for the seventh time at Paris-Bercy. 

4:50 p.m. – Djokovic is at home; two points of the match (6-4, 5-3)

Double fault by Dimitrov while leading 30-15. There is now a big danger on the serve of the 17th player in the world.

16:47 – Djokovic remains solid (6-4, 5-3)

The world number one has calmed down the ardor of Grigor Dimitrov and is getting closer to a 7th coronation Paris-Bercy. He is at; a game of victory.

16:46 – The awakening of Dimitrov? (4-6, 3-4)

Superb forehand from Grigor Dimitrov who wins a long exchange. 30-30 on the Serb's serve.

16:42 – Dimitrov held (4-6, 3-4)

The 17th in the world fought well in this service game and ended up coming back in the wake of the Serb in this Djokovic – Dimitrov after having dismissed a double-break point.

16:41 – Dimitrov hangs on (4-6, 2-4)

The Bulgarian cards a double-break point for Novak Djokovic and tries to hang on in this Paris-Bercy final.

16:37 – Djokovic confirms his break! (6-4, 4-2)

It will take a huge Dimitrov to prevent Novak Djokovic from winning this Paris-Bercy final. The world number one confirms his break and is at the ready. two games for a coronation in this last Masters 1000 of the season.

16:36 – Dimitrov thwarts (4-6, 2-3)

This new station wagon conceded to by the Bulgarian seems to be running through his head. He makes a series of unforced errors and the fate of this final seems almost decided. even if everything can happen very quickly in tennis. 

What a catastrophic end to the game for the Bulgarian who offers the break to his opponent in this Djokovic – Dimitrov. The world number one is getting closer to a new coronation Paris-Bercy.

16:29 – Danger for Dimitrov (4-6, 2-2)

The Bulgarian is still away; the fault on a forehand and allows his opponent to return to Tie.

16:27 – Dimitrov's first double fault (4-6, 2-2)

For the first time for this Djokovic – Dimitrov, the 17th in the world commits a double fault.

16:25 – Djokovic still solid (6-4, 2-2)

The world number one picks up without difficulty; in this second round. Grigor Dimitrov still hasn't had an opportunity. to break in this Paris-Bercy final.

16:22 – An ace on second (6-4, 1-2)

Novak Djokovic is confident in this Paris-Bercy final and offers himself an ace on the second ball.

16:19 – Dimitrov holds on to serve (4-6 , 2-1)

The 17th in the world concludes his faceoff with a superb ace which surprised Novak Djokovic. Grigor Dimitrov remains in control in this second set.

16:15 – Djokovic returns to the lead. height (6-4, 1-1)

The Serb takes advantage of a new error from his opponent in this Djokovic – Dimitrov to return to the lead. height of the Bulgarian at the start of this second set.

16:12 – An encouraging first game (4-6, 1-0)

Grigor Dimitrov is getting back in the right direction against Novak Djokovic after losing the first set. He wins his first faceoff and takes the lead in this second set.

16:09 – Dimitrov starts the second set at service (4-6, 0-0)

The Bulgarian must react in this Paris-Bercy final after losing the first set. He starts on serve in this second set.

The Serb wins the first set in this Djokovic – Dimitrov and adopts a similar attitude to the second set. the one he has displayed since the start of the week. He slightly provokes the public at Bercy who takes a dislike to him.


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