Dmitry Kolyadenko talked about the relationship with Irina Bilyk

The awards program “Sravi way” channel “Ukraina”, a popular actor and showman Dmitry Kolyadenko talked about the relationship with Irina Bilyk.

Дмитрий Коляденко рассказал об отношениях с Ириной Билык

Program “Sravi way” has invited Ukrainian artists to the party “Night of the chimeras” to present unique awards to the brightest stars of domestic show-business. The flamboyant artist Dmitry Kolyadenko appeared at the ceremony in a stylish blue suit with bright accessories and talked about the relationship with Irina Bilyk.

“I would not say that we have a romantic relationship – we’re friends. It is 100% my best friend, I would even say – fighting friend. There is still time – almost a year, but Ira has already hinted to me an expensive gift for a birthday, but I have to think. Need to count your money – she wants a new series of expensive phone. Well, we gather the money we will save”, – said Dmitry Kolyadenko the journalists of the channel “Ukraine”.

In addition, in an exclusive interview, the artist shared a mystical story of life. It turned out, in their divorce with Irina Bilyk blame Pets – fish.

“It was a New year and I wanted to give jireh 12 expensive fish. Closed her eyes, and when he brought her to our new apartment, she was stunned – all 12 fish died, – shared Dmitry Kolyadenko at the star party “Night of the chimeras“. – Of course, it was a shock! Besides, I immediately thought that this is a bad sign. A month later we divorced and I left the house. Probably, it was a mystery, a hint: Kolyadenko, you quarrel, you’ll destroy the apartment, beat the dishes, cut the pattern and you are thrown out. And so it happened, perhaps it was a sign, and fish – magic. After that, I’m wary of the fish.”

We will remind, the program “Sravi way” – the leader among the projects on celebretis, which aired on the TV channel “Ukraine” on weekdays at 9:30. During the party “the Night of the chimeras” of the Ukrainian celebrities who loudly declared itself during the year and has achieved great success in the profession, had a unique star award.

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