DNA evidence at the trial of Dominique Laroche charged with sexual assault


DNA evidence at the trial of Dominique Laroche accused of sexual assault

Dominique Laroche at the Quebec City courthouse, Thursday, July 21, 2022

Seized items from a sex room, a room set up in the residence of Dominique Laroche, would link the alleged victim to the crimes of which he is accused.

The prosecution unveiled its theory of cause on Tuesday in the case of the 61-year-old ex-freestyle skier accused of sexual assault.

According to the prosecution's allegations, Dominique Laroche charmed a 13-year-old girl before having an affair with her for a dozen years.

Prosecutor Michel Bérubé, of the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions, made these first revelations during a management conference for the trial, at the Quebec City courthouse.

Me Michel Bérubé, prosecution lawyer

According to Me Bérubé, Laroche had several full sexual relations with the complainant. The latter would have felt valued by this relationship, said Mr. Bérubé, since the accused was someone important and charismatic.

The attorney has announced that he will present DNA evidence. He indicated that the police had seized sex toys on which the complainant's DNA was found.

Counsel for the prosecution pointed out that these objects were recovered from a sex room, a locked room in the Laroche residence. The claims of the prosecution remain to be proven at trial.

However, Dominique Laroche's lawyer has announced that she will file a motion for a stay of proceedings. According to Me Stéphanie Pelletier-Quirion, the police illegally detained Laroche for 11 hours on the day of his arrest.

Me Stéphanie Pelletier-Quirion

If the trial were to take place, it would take 12 hearing days to present the evidence.

The parties will return to court in September to set the schedule.

The prosecution also expressed concern about the delays in this case, since the 18-month limit set by the Jordan decision expires in the month of December.


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