Do you have any of these apps on your mobile? Be careful, they are infected and can rob you


    Do you have any of these apps on your mobile? Be careful, they are infected and can steal

    Google has been fighting Joker since early 2017, a family of 'malware' -also known as Bread– which has been hiding in Android applications downloaded from Google Play for several years to defraud via SMS and WAP payments.

    Joker's 'modus operandi' is twofold: on the one hand, it spies on your SMS and contacts and on the other, it tries to steal money from you by automatically subscribing to services. SMS premium without any interaction on your part, just by opening the application.

    Of the money extracted on these platforms, cybercriminals will keep a significant part. In this way, they are interested in subscribing to as many services as possible to obtain a greater economic return.

    More than a thousand infected 'apps'

    A Despite Google's efforts to remove all of Joker's malware from its Google Play store, it periodically manages to sneak into a few Android apps.

    As of January 2020, Google Play's defense systems had removed 1,700 unique 'apps' with the Joker malware before they were downloaded by users. And in September of that same year, it did the same with 17 more, which before being withdrawn had around120,000 downloads.

    The problem is this: if the user downloads a damaged app before Google Play removes it, their mobile is exposed to potential espionage and malware fraud until they uninstall it.

    < h3>Those discovered now

    A few days ago, the cybersecurity company Pradeo warned of four other 'apps' that the Joker had sneaked into before Google Play could identify him and kill him. ;l:

    1. Smart SMS Messages: With more than 50,000 downloads, this application supposedly allowed you to personalize the SMS you sent to third parties.

      < /li>

    2. Blood Pressure Monitor: As its name suggests, it is an 'app' that supposedly measured blood pressure.

    3. Voice Languages Translator:

    4. Quick Text SMS: which promised whoever downloaded it to their mobile phone the possibility of personalizing your messages to the maximum.

    If you have any of these applications installed (or know someone who does) you should immediately uninstall them without opening them.


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