Do you have common or rather obscure musical tastes? This site will tell you


Do you have common or rather obscure musical tastes? This site will tell you

Spotify Icebergify offers to visualize your musical tastes in the shape of an iceberg.

What type of music fan are you? Spotify Icebergify, a hot new digital tool, promises to show it to you by organizing your music collection in the shape of an iceberg.

The website offers to analyze your listening habits on the Spotify streaming platform to determine which of your favorite musicians are the most popular, and which are the least famous. To illustrate this, he superimposes their name on the illustration of an iceberg, with the tip of it, and everything that is below the surface of the water.

The higher an artist is on the iceberg (the tip), the more Icebergify considers it to be a mainstream personality. The lower the artist finds himself, the more the digital tool considers him or her as an alternative or obscure personality.

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For its analysis, Icebergify selects the 50 artists that people listen to the most in the short, medium and long term. It is therefore possible to find recently discovered songs on its iceberg, as well as titles that have been forgotten for many months.

Icebergify, whose source code is free to access, has been created by a computer science student from Rice University, USA.

This is the latest in a series of digital tools for people to analyze their musical habits thanks to the Spotify platform.

Spotify Pie, which offers to visualize the different styles of music listened to in the last month in the form of a circular diagram, has also experienced its heyday a few weeks ago.

With information from Mashable, and CNET


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