Doctors called 6 “killer” immune system

Doctors called six “killer” of the human immune system, exacerbation of chronic diseases and colds point to its weakening. Among the causes of the negative effects noted including unhealthy diet.

Медики назвали 6 «убийц» иммунной системы

Do not be carried away by chocolate, chips and fries because they cause the deficiency of essential nutrients, which the body becomes susceptible to viruses. You need to protect the feet and keep them warm, otherwise there is a narrowing of the blood vessels, causing the mucous membranes are poorly supplied with blood. Need to get some sleep at night releasing a large amount of hormones that strengthen the body’s defenses. It is recommended to give up Smoking because of lung damage, an accumulation of different “junk”. The fine hairs of the bronchial tubes by undulating carry out polluting components. However, in smokers these functions atrophy. You should cope with stress, as otherwise, dramatically increases the susceptibility to disease.

Spirits, doctors note, sharply lowers the threshold of inhibition. The presence of alcohol in the body reduces the number of immune cells called monocytes. It is possible the flu and the further aggravation of already existing diseases.

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