Doctors called household items that cause diabetes

Physicians Novi Selskogo University in Serbia called the household items that cause diabetes. According to them, harmful to human health personal care products, water plastic bottles and food packaging.

Медики назвали предметы быта, вызывающие диабет

Diabetes and obesity develop due to phthalates – chemical compounds that are used by manufacturers of cosmetics and in the food industry. Hazardous substances found in plastic bottles, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, yogurt and milk. In the package the following accessories and products contained phthalates. When injected into the human body chemicals affect the production of hormones. In the result of diabetes and obesity.

Of particular danger is the products pose to children’s health. With regular use in adolescents starts working incorrectly with the endocrine system and hormonal failure occurs. Because of phthalates in the body there is a deficiency of insulin and increases blood sugar levels. Other chemicals impair the digestion and clog up arteries, leading to hypertension.

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