Doctors called the healthiest snack in the treatment of hypertension

Doctors called the healthiest snack that you can use in the treatment of hypertension. It has still not investigated the substance, which should be considered exceptional because of its positive effect.

Медики назвали самый полезный снэк при лечении гипертонии

Proper nutrition, the doctors, plays a critical role in the fight against many diseases, including high blood pressure. Experts have tested the effect of walnut and concluded that its core should recognize the ideal snack for people with a named disease. The study involved volunteers aged 30-45 years. The first group of products with saturated fats that cause plaque buildup on blood vessel walls, replaced the nuts. In the second case is called the product people were offered grilled fish. In the third group partially replaced by oleic acid with the same number of ALA acid (alpha-lipoic) contained in the studied fruits.

Participants in all groups began to feel better as their blood pressure stabilized, but the maximum progress was achieved only in the first case, as people ate walnuts. Scientists say that we are talking about contained in the nucleus of biologically active compounds that cannot be obtained with the omega-3 fatty acids and various additives.

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