Doctors called the Top 5 techniques for coping with dystonia

Doctors called the Top 5 best techniques for coping with dystonia. It is known that this functional disorder of the nervous system characterized by deterioration of General condition and well-being, but is manifested in inorganic failures of various organs.

Медики назвали Топ-5 методов для борьбы с вегето-сосудистой дистонией

VSD responds poorly to traditional treatment methods, so the profile doctors recommend to pay attention to dealing with symptoms of the syndrome polietiologichesky, which is the result of dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system. Often acute attacks of vascular system occur in cold seasons, especially in autumn. This trend is associated with changes in temperatures and decrease in solar radiation. As a consequence of the development of certain vitamins slows, resulting in people have phantom pain and fatigue. Provoke deterioration can also seasonal illness, stress, lack of physical activity, poor nutrition. Patients with VSD usually complain of insomnia, weakness, pain inside the body, nausea, dizziness and General malaise.

Doctors called the Top 5 ways that will help to cope with a painful condition. In addition to drug therapy, experts recommend to engage in active sport every day to do exercises, to relax in the sauna, practice meditation and to substitute coffee for herbal tea with honey. This drink perfectly tones the blood vessels of the brain, ridding the body of symptoms of VSD. In addition, experts advise not to eat greasy food, including meat dishes, as well as reduce the diet portions of butter, eggs, sour cream, milk, confectionery and white bread.

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