Doctors found out is there a connection between stroke and height of an individual

Scientists conducted a study of the causes and predisposition to stroke. As a result experts managed to find a connection between diseases of the cardiovascular system and the growth of the person.

Медики узнали, есть ли связь между инсультом и ростом человека

In a large-scale study in which took part more than 300 thousand children aged 7 to 13 years, researchers analyzed physical data and possible predisposition to stroke in the future. As a result, scientists were able to find a link between a child’s growth and cardiovascular disease. The study showed that children who were 5-7 inches below their peers in the future, 11 percent less likely to suffer from ischemic stroke. Unfortunately, scientists have not been able to establish the cause of this phenomenon, but experts continue to work to prevent such development.

In addition, the experts found that the development of cardiovascular disease affects a number of other factors. Nutrition of the mother, stress in pregnancy, infectious diseases also increase the risk of stroke in the future. If you experience any of these problems during pregnancy, scientists recommend to immediately seek medical attention. Only a specialist will provide expert assistance and to ensure the proper development of the child.

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