Doctors gave tips cleaning lungs after quitting Smoking

Doctors gave the advice that can help to clear the lungs after quitting cigarettes. You need to take a daily walk in the fresh air and to include in the diet of berries, leading out impurities from the respiratory system.

Медики дали советы по очищению легких после отказа от курения

It is recommended to change the diet and to introduce a ginger tea. This drink is extremely useful as it has anti-inflammatory action. Drinking cranberry promotes the active purification of the cilia present in the lungs, and these elements can’t work effectively when the person smokes. Followed the advice to stick to a healthy diet. Every day should eat 400 grams of fruit and vegetables. Food, rich in minerals, has a positive effect on the body and enhances immunity. At the same time, experts say, appear harmful components that have accumulated during the Smoking.

Need to exercise, because exercise does not only have therapeutic effect, but also activates the lungs. The fifth recommendation is the need to avoid passive Smoking. In this case, doctors say, the respiratory organs are exposed to the harmful effects due to the presence in air of carcinogenic substances.

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