Doctors have called the most dangerous to the liver products

Doctors have called the products that are most harmful to the health of the liver. According to experts, this body should be particularly protected, since it depends on the work of the whole organism.

Медики назвали самые опасные для печени продукты

The leader of this grocery of the list was alcohol. Alcoholic drinks during disintegration in the gastrointestinal tract begin to give acetaldehyde. This organic compound, also known as acetic aldehyde or ethanal, disrupt the liver. As a result, healthy cells of the body are changed to fat, and he grows in size and worse cope with their tasks. Also on the liver affect of sugar and salt. In the first case, as with alcohol, there is a growth of adipose tissue. Second, deformation of cells and their death.

In addition, doctors warn about the dangers of eating fatty foods and smoked meat and fast food. In the list of hazardous products included and fizzy drinks. While dairy meals help the body to recover.

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