Doctors have listed the natural products to thin the blood and reduce clots

Doctors have listed the natural products whose presence in the diet will help in thinning the blood, reducing the clots. This makes it possible to reduce the risk of several cardiovascular diseases.

Медики перечислили натуральные продукты для разжижения крови и уменьшения ее сгустков

Attention should be paid to containing omega-3 products because they improve blood circulation and result pressure in norm, while increasing levels of HDL. Cinnamon is considered a powerful anticoagulant, its constant presence in the daily menu reduces the risk of inflammation and stroke. No less useful will be the spice and ginger, he has the ability to reduce blood viscosity. Also, it can improve the “permeability” and reduces the content of “bad” cholesterol.

Garlic is a robust antioxidant, differing anti-inflammatory properties. To include in the diet recommended red wine because it prevents clogged arteries, facilitating blood thinners. Note preferably on red cabbage and Cayenne pepper.

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