Doctors have revealed simple secrets of longevity


July 27, 2022, 08:01 | Medicine

How to live to 100 years.

Medics revealed the simple secrets of longevity

Despite the availability of quality food products and the outstanding progress of modern medicine, rare lucky people are able to live up to 100 years, informs Ukr.Media.

Do not think that longevity is a "gift" genetics: it is quite simple to properly organize your life.

What secrets will help with this?

Berries every day

It is not only in summer that we need to eat berries: at other times of the year, we need these valuable products much more.

Any berries contain substances that prevent premature aging of the body.

Thanks to this, you can preserve your vision and clarity of mind for many years.

It is noteworthy that berries should be consumed without sugar, which suppresses the immune system.

Walking on a permanent basis

Not everyone finds time and energy for full-fledged physical activity. Because of this, the body ages much faster.

Also, lack of activity provokes deterioration of the cardiovascular system and brain.

For this reason, walking will be an ideal solution for those who want to live a long life.

Less red meat and meat semi-finished products

Many people have the wrong attitude that meat is the key to health and a long life . However, you can eat red meat literally a couple of times a week, and the portion size should be about 100 grams.

If you eat more, it will worsen the work of the heart, provoking the risk of diseases. Semi-finished products should be excluded from the diet in general if you want to prevent the development of diabetes and cancer.

Also, a lot depends on the cooking method. For example, there is no benefit from traditional cutlets cooked in a pan with oil. They increase the level of cholesterol, damaging blood vessels and impairing the work of the heart. The same rule applies to fried meat.

Barbecues do contain carcinogens.

If you really want to benefit from meat, you can only cook, bake and steam.

Absence of psychological problems

Not all people realize the importance of mental health in matters of longevity. However, experts believe that the absence of psychological problems makes the body healthier.

This reduces the level of stress, which contributes to longevity.

Water< /p>

In order to timely cleanse the body of harmful substances, it is important to drink clean water in the proper amount. If you don't do this, your health becomes weaker with age.

Therefore, try to drink two liters of purified water during the day at any time of the year.


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