Doctors have told the body to help cope with constipation

Doctors claim that oranges will help to effectively deal with constipation. It is necessary to prepare the tool on the basis of the named citrus fruit, adding the cinnamon and Cayenne pepper.

Медики рассказали, как организму помочь справиться с запором

You should pay attention to the cover, as they contain essential oils, which considerably facilitates the bowels. There are also flavonoids and naringenin, which solves the problems with the withdrawal of the digested food out. A selected element has a positive effect on the secretion of fluid in the large intestine by relaxing it. Pectin, contained not only in apples but also in oranges, is a rapidly dissolving fiber speeds up the passage of the mass, struggling with the side effects from constipation. Oranges contain a lot of fiber and water, which allows to get rid of pathogens and chemicals.

Helpful and white membrane of the slices, you can use them in case of refusal of steeping the peel, experts say. Patients suffering from constipation should consult a doctor, to determine its causes.

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