Doctors have warned about the 5 things not to do after a workout

Doctors have warned about the five things not to do after a workout at the gym. Recommendations are related to adherence and possible hypothermia.

Медики предупредили о 5 вещах, которые нельзя делать после тренировки

It is not recommended to ignore the stretching as the exercises relax muscles, helping them to recover. Lactic acid is distributed across the muscle fibres, reducing pain the next morning. You cannot abandon the soul for the reason that water treatment will eliminate the sweat, clogging the top layer of skin and trigger the growth of bacteria. The temperature of the water should not be too high. In training you should not wipe sweat with a towel, as it can be harmful microorganisms. Further, experts advise not to SuperCool after completion of the course, even if it is very hot. For 15 minutes you have to breath and bring the heart rate back to normal.

For recovery do not need to resort to energy drinks. Such drinks do not restore metabolic processes and often produce the opposite effect. Besides, they have a lot of sugar, which is undesirable for the body. Better to replace them with vegetable juices, pumpkin or tomato. After a workout, it is not recommended to immediately go to bed, even if the person is very tired. For two hours you need to stay awake and then go to sleep.

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