Doctors refuted common myths about hangover

Doctors have studied tips on how to prevent a hangover and refuted common myths about this condition. It turned out that the vodka may be less dangerous than wine.

Врачи опровергли распространенные мифы о похмелье

According to experts, red wine contains a special chemical compound that can trigger migraines is still in the process of drinking, unlike gin or vodka. The hangover actually is able to not only lead to nausea and impaired coordination, but also to fatigue and impaired immunity. Many people are of the opinion that from the consequences of drunk both sexes suffer equally. However, according to doctors, women have a lower percentage of water in the body, and this causes rapid intoxication. To avoid a condition will not work if you alternate drinks, as has the number of alcohol consumed, not the order.

To ease the symptoms of a hangover will help ordinary water or isotonic, but not coffee. And in order to prevent discomfort, it is necessary to use alcohol to eat fatty food.

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