Doctors told about the consequences of refusing dinner

People should be able to eat several times a day, at the same time, some refuse dinner. Doctors have talked about some of the consequences of this mode.

Медики рассказали о последствиях отказа от ужина

The experts supported the opinion that lunch should be hearty and the evening meal light enough so as to preserve health is extremely important, not the amount of food eaten and the time of its adoption. If the proposed style of food can normalize weight. In this case, say the nutritionists, feel better, feel lighter. In the experiment, the doctors watched the women aged 18-45 years. Every day they ate a variety of dishes, getting same number of calories. A year later, those who prefer a complete meal, refraining from dinner, lost 5-6 kg. Ladies who have a hearty dinner, dropped a few tens of grams, say doctors.

Foods taken in the day, replenish the body with the necessary energy. After that, the person should not be tempted to eat biscuits or sweets, as these Goodies have a negative impact on the body and health in General.

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