Doctors told how to maintain mental abilities in old age

The human ability to think is maintained by the brain. Or rather, the formation of neural connections. With age, they can be violated. However, with the help of special exercises it is possible to train your brain so that connection was always strong.

Moreover, the exercises can be both intellectual and physical, that is, with the help of special exercises. The expert, a specialist in the field of care for older people Alex tells Sydney more about them.

Медики рассказали, как поддержать умственные способности в старости


If you regularly train your memory, very soon the ability to remember much better. It can be done,for example, using memorization of poems that is not only useful, but also brings aesthetic pleasure. Another way — a statement heard or hand-written text.

Effective to summarize the earlier events and news. It is important to recount after some time, for example, on the following day. And, of course, take place in outer space the study of foreign languages.

However, it is necessary to train and short-term memory. A good way to focus. It will help games that require memorization, such as, words, images or their sequence.


The puzzles and tasks — a great tool in the development of logical thinking. Playing chess and cards, crossword puzzles, Sudoku — all this also contributes to the establishment in the brain of neural connections.


Save the response and spatial perception help game speed, where there is a need for rapid decision-making, dancing or yoga. Paradoxically, the computer game is not only a fun pastime for young people, but also a useful exercise for the elderly, which also helps to train reflexes and spatial perception.

Of course, the older generation can be difficult to learn a new technique, but with the grandkids it is possible to spend some time playing Wii.


Tongue twisters, pronunciation of long difficult words, foreign phrases (in language learning) contribute to training the speech of older people. And reading books is not only a pleasure and recreation, but also a good opportunity to support vocabulary at the appropriate level, and even to expand it.

It should be added that without exercise (regular walks, yoga, gymnastics for the elderly, etc.) essential for normal functioning of the body. And without a healthy body, in turn, it is impossible to speak of full cognitive function. For this reason, older people should follow:

* your diet: that is, to eat properly and adequately.

* sleep — sleep at least eight hours a day.

* medications — to prevent simultaneous reception of multiple, sometimes incompatible drugs.

Due attention should be paid to the development of fine motor skills. All this allows you to keep cognitive function at the proper level.

* Cognitive functions higher cognitive functions of the brain, thinking, memory, vocabulary, ability to abstract thinking, creative processing of information, knowledge, intelligence.

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