Does Selena Gomez regret her complicated relationship with Justin Bieber? His very honest answer

This is the question everyone is asking. Does Selena Gomez regret her tumultuous relationship with Justin Bieber? The singer responded honestly.

As we know, Selena Gomez who could be in a relationship with a famous basketball player, had a highly publicized relationship with Justin Bieber. A complicated romance that was not easy for the singer. Today, however, she has turned the page of this story. But does she regret having fallen for the beautiful eyes of the young Canadian? The answer is no. Interviewed by The Newsette, the pretty brunette has confessed that the difficulties of her past helped her to mature: “Nothing I do now would have been possible with the mindset that I had before the. best things are happening to me right now and that's why everything else was worth it. “

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During this interview with the media, Selena Gomez continued by explaining that writing her song “Lose You To Love Me” about her breakup with Justin Bieber has done her the greatest good: “All these years of confusion, to being in love and all those things … at that moment it was finally a new beginning . It wasn't even because people liked the track, it was just the realization of why I went through it all. “ You will understand, the young woman is now at peace with herself and that's good. Elsewhere in the news, we reveal to you if Justin Bieber was in a relationship with Selena Gomez during his reconciliation with Hailey Baldwin.

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