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The change of 'Are there more deaths on the roads with winter time?' /></p>
<p>The controversy over the time change regularly moves into the field of Security. road. Playing with luminosity and sleep time can it have an influence on road accidents. </p>
<p>In the year 2023, among the grievances often put forward against the time change, there is one which is particularly debated: that of the number of road accidents. While we are going to return to winter time this Sunday, October 29, will we attend an increase in deaths on the roads? This is what the most virulent detractors of the time change argue. By setting our watches back one hour, we would indeed have an influence on the amount of sunshine. The sun will rise earlier in the morning, favoring confrontation with ice or fog. He will also go to bed earlier in the evening, reducing visibility. at the moment when drivers are the most tired.</p>
<p>Because a second argument pleads against the time change: the fatigue that the latter would cause. Despite the gain of an hour of sleep in winter, the time change would disrupt our biological clock. According to some chrono-biologists, the human body is like a machine that needs precise adjustments. Bedtimes and getting up times as well as meal times are part of these settings. And the time change would modify them considerably, causing a "chrono-break" harmful. Tired, less concentrated, motorists would therefore also be more dangerous.</p>
<h2>Safety alerts road map on time change</h2>
<p>The month of October is particularly rich in road accidents, but this is also the case in the summer months. and the month of December, periods of major travel and sometimes difficult climatic conditions. It's even official: the transition to winter time causes an increase in pedestrian accidents (but also cyclists and scooter users) every year, cause of the drop in brightness during peak hours (mornings and evenings). Result: mortality Pedestrian traffic peaks in fall/winter. According to Security On the road, “the number of pedestrian accidents increases by 50% during the first weeks following the time change.”</p>
<p>Thus, on its website, Security This road map not only lists tips for pedestrians, but also for motorists. The former are invited to remain visible by wearing light colors or a reflective accessory. For children, also prefer light clothing and school bags. ;equipped with retro-reflective strips. It is more than ever recommended Use pedestrian crossings with all caution. Although the pedestrian has the right of way, he must nevertheless remain vigilant when crossing, particularly in the dark. It is also recommended to walk sideways left of the road in order to clearly see the vehicles arriving in front.</p>
<p>Motorists, for their part, must slow down a little further to the right. approaching a pedestrian crossing. This recommendation applies especially in the dark, after the time change. Security Precise road guide: "You must be able to stop before crossing, because pedestrians are likely to emerge". It is also necessary to respect the priority Avoid pedestrians and anticipate giving way to the pedestrian who is crossing or about to cross. The time change should encourage you to change your schedule. move around with dry and defogged windows, and stay distant by staying at least one meter from the sidewalks for safety. pedestrians and cyclists.</p>
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