Dog attacks 11 people in restaurant, mistress charged

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A dog attacks 11 people in a restaurant, the mistress charged

A 32-year-old woman left her dog loose at a Hamilton restaurant. (Archives)

A woman has been charged after she let her dog loose at a Hamilton restaurant where it attacked 11 people, police say.< /p>

Victims have injuries ranging from minor to serious; two of them require surgery.

In a statement, police say they were called to the restaurant shortly after 7 p.m. Thursday. Officers then found a chaotic scene with the numerous victims of this attack.

They allege the 32-year-old suspect encouraged the dog to attack them.

As the dog continued to be aggressive, police say they had to use a conducted energy weapon on the dead animal.

The woman, who has not been named, has been charged with six counts of criminal negligence causing bodily harm, four counts of threatening death or bodily harm, and one count. charged with assault with a weapon.

With information from The Canadian Press

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