Dominic West (The Affair) and Lily James already very accomplices long before having an affair, old photos resurface

You may not know it, but Lily James and Dominic West were already very accomplices in the past, long before they had an affair. Quickly discover the images!

While no one expected it, Dominic West got grilled in full infidelity with Lily James. The two comedians who will soon give the cue in the miniseries The Pursuit of Love , were photographed during a romantic trip to Italy. Only problem? The actor has been married for ten years. Very quickly, the main concerned found themselves at the heart of a huge adultery scandal. And yet, the actor and his wife ensured that their marriage was solid despite this extra-marital affair. For his part, the star of Downton Abbey preferred not to speak publicly on the case. Today, we learn that the two co-stars had already been seen very complicit and this, well before their famous flirtation . [/ embed]

As you can see above, Lily James and Dominic West once posed together during a photoshoot for Luncheon magazine. Photos that date back to 2016, five years after their collaboration in the play Othello . During this shoot, the two actors had joined in a suite at the Claridge, a five-star hotel in London. Their complicity is clearly evident. At the time, the actress who was in a relationship with Matt Smith, had also told the media: “I've been waiting for 5 years to have a date with Dominic.” Images that are sure to fuel the rumors around their relationship. For good reason, Dominic West now seems ready to break up his marriage because of his feelings for Lily James.

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