Dominika Gwit decided to baptize her son. Not too many stars decide to take such a step

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Dominika Gwit and her husband decided to baptize their child.

 Dominika Gwit made a decision about baptism of her son. Not too many celebrities decide to take such a step

As the portal reminds” Goniec “, some time ago Dominika Gwit and her husband announced the joyful news that they are expecting the birth of a child. From that moment, the actress willingly shares with her supporters about her pregnancy and reveals her plans for the future of her child.

Dominika Gwit made important decisions

< p>Although the child of Dominika Gwit and her husband has not yet appeared in the world, it already arouses great interest among the sympathizer of the actress. Among other things, Gwit revealed that they would welcome their son to the world. The spouses have already chosen a name for their child, although they decided that their choice would remain a secret for the time being.

In an interview with the magazine “Viva”, she only revealed that it was “a Polish name, with her grandfather's generation”. There is much interest in whether Dominika Gwit and Wojciech Danuszewski decide to baptize their son. Recently, many celebrities are choosing not to baptize babies.

Dominika Gwit does not hide that both she and her husband are believers, and their baby is a long-awaited and prayed-for gift from God. This can certainly be read as a declaration that they will decide to be baptized.

They will not do it

Dominika Gwit and her beloved decided not to post photos of my son on social media, when he appears in the world.

“I can talk a lot about it, but I will not show it, because it is a private matter for my child and ours. This is ours. decision “- informed the actress. Many stars have decided to take a similar step, including Katarzyna Sokołowska.

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