Dominika Gwit thanked the fans for their great support during pregnancy. A lovely photo was added to the post

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Dominika Gwit is waiting for the birth of her son.

Dominika Gwit thanked the fans for their great support during pregnancy. She added a lovely photo to the post

As the portal “Jastrząb Post” reminds, Dominika Gwit willingly shared pregnancy on social media. In one of the last posts, she thanked her fans for the support she felt from them over the past few months. By the way, she showed an unusual photo. She is not alone on it!

Dominika Gwit has been waiting for this for a long time

Dominika Gwit and her husband dreamed of expanding their family. Last summer, they shared the happy news that they would soon welcome their first child into the world. The happy future parents then shared a unique photo in which Wojciech Danuszewski tenderly embraced his beloved's pregnant belly, and she holds ultrasound photos.

The actress regularly shared photos and the course of her pregnancy on social media. However, she indicated that after giving birth she did not intend to publish photos of her son. “We will not show the child's face or reveal the name. I can talk a lot about it, but I will not show the child, it's our private matter” – she noted.

Dominika Gwit thanks her fans

Last weekend, Dominika Gwit shared a lovely photo on social media in which she holds a cute plush bunny in her hands. The actress emphasized that she had not given birth yet, but thanked all supporters for their support. The photo shows that the layette is already completed and waiting for the baby to arrive.

The post was full of comments in which fans of the actress wish her a happy solution. There is also no shortage of entries emphasizing that Dominika Gwit looks flourishing during pregnancy.

We join the wishes for a happy solution.

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