Donald Trump criticizes the investigation into the assault on the Capitol


While even his own daughter questioned his post-election actions, Donald Trump decided to continue to cry fraud.

Donald Trump castigates Capitol storming investigation

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He persists, and signs. Donald Trump released a 12-page statement Monday evening, June 13, in which he further reiterates his erroneous allegations of fraud regarding the 2020 election. notably declared that this was a “travesty of justice”. “This comedy…is a brazen attempt to distract the public from the truth…which is that Americans came to Washington in droves on January 6 to hold their elected officials accountable for the clear signs of 'criminal activity in the election,' Donald Trump writes in this document despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

His Justice Minister, a slew of advisers and even his own daughter… the House Committee on Monday provided a disturbing timeline of how Donald Trump tried to hold on to power after his 2020 presidential defeat, assuring that the election had been “stolen” from him, despite repeated denials from his closest followers.

“Even before the election, Donald Trump had decided that regardless of facts and truth, if he lost the election, he would claim it was rigged,” said Zoe Lofgren, an elected Democrat member of this commission. seeking to shed light on the responsibility of the Republican billionaire in the attack on the United States Congress by his supporters, January 6, 2021.

Trump's lawyer 'intoxicated'

After nearly a year of investigation, this group of elected officials had earlier in the day delivered a meticulous account of the maneuvers of the former president between the evening of the presidential election and the assault on Capitol Hill. A few hours after the polls closed on November 3, 2020, Joe Biden and Donald Trump are neck and neck. “It was becoming apparent that the election would not be decided that night,” said Ivanka Trump, the former president's daughter and at the time one of his closest advisers, in testimony released Monday by the commission.

However, shortly before 2:30 a.m., Donald Trump appears in front of American television from the living rooms of the White House. “Honestly, we won the election,” he says, despite the count still going on. “It was far too early to make this kind of decision,” said Bill Stepien, Donald Trump's campaign manager, before this group of elected officials. One of the few to encourage the president in his approach that evening? His personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, who according to one of the president's aides testifying before the committee, was “clearly inebriated”.

President 'angry'

On November 7, 2020, just before 11:30 a.m., Joe Biden was declared the winner. That same day, Donald Trump's campaign manager attended a meeting with the outgoing president. “We told him what we thought was his chance of winning at this point (…), that there was maybe a 5 or 10% chance” that he won, details Bill Stepien. The president “was getting angrier and angrier,” says Bill Stepien. The leader then decides to change his teams to surround himself with people who support him in his crusade.

On November 19, this new legal team holds a most confusing press conference. Sidney Powell, one of Donald Trump's lawyers, accuses Venezuela, Cuba and the Democrats of having hatched an electoral plot. At his side, Rudy Giuliani, denounces “a scandalous iron curtain of censorship”. Under the heat of the spotlights, a brown liquid, hair dye, begins to drip down her temples.


Four days later, Attorney General Bill Barr visits the White House. “It was a bit embarrassing,” the minister said in a video released Monday by the commission. On several occasions, he said, the two men together examined alleged election fraud alleged by Donald Trump. “Nonsense” expressed by a man “detached from reality”, considers the Minister of Justice who will resign on December 14.

In the following month, Donald Trump and his entourage will continue to convey “these lies” about electoral fraud to collect donations, the commission argued. Flooding her supporters with dozens of emails a day, her campaign team will raise $250 million between Election Day and January 6, 2021, she revealed.

“The Big Lie was also a big scam,” blasted elected official Zoe Lofgren, known for working on the congressional impeachments of three presidents: Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton…and Donald Trump. In four upcoming hearings, the so-called “January 6th Commission” will continue to present its findings on its year of investigation, placing Donald Trump at the heart of “an attempted coup”.

US Justice Minister Merrick Garland, who assured that he was following “all the hearings” of this commission, promised on Monday to hold all the actors of January 6, 2021 to account, “whatever their rank, their position, and whether they were present or not” during the storming of the Capitol.