Donald Trump humiliated: this improbable photo has gone viral

Donald Trump humiliated: this improbable photo has gone viral

Le président américain Donald J.Trump arrive dans la salle diplomatique de la Maison Blanche pour parler par téléconférence aux représentants de chaque branche des forces armées, y compris la Force spatiale le jour de Thanksgiving à Washington, DC le 26 novembre 2020.
The current tenant of the White House until January 2021 was the target of all mockery on Twitter … But Donald Trump was also humiliated because of an improbable photo and the overflowing imagination of Internet users.
Donald Trump has once again made the buzz, despite himself. The head of state until January 2021 was humiliated by a photo of himself sitting on a small desk inside the White House. This snap went viral after it was tweeted by a reporter working for her nemesis, CNN, Kaitlan Collins. This is the President’s first Thanksgivingat the White House: In 2017 and 2018, he was in Mar-a-Lago, and last year, he took a trip to Afghanistan to celebrate the event with the troops. For the occasion, the president held a question-and-answer session with the press in the diplomatic reception room of the White House. It was the first time he had responded to journalists’ questions since losing the election to Joe Biden. If no escapade was to be deplored, the small desk on which Donald Trump was located triggered hilarious memes on the Web.

While some netizens noted that Donald Trump was sitting next to an undecorated Christmas tree – mockingly suggesting that Melania Trump had decided not to decorate it this year, others focused on an entirely different detail. The choice of the president’s furniture, and in particular his office considered far too ” small”, has become the laughing stock of the Web. This office has even been called a ” children’s table” by a large number of Twitter users. One netizen commented with humor: ” When I first saw this I thought it was a political caricature of him to be at a children’s table, then I realized it was real ” , while another had fun:Donald Trump has been moved to the children’s table for Thanksgiving. ”

Subsequently, memes of the president with colored pencils at that small table began to circulate along with retouched images of him playing with children’s toys. In a few hours, Donald Trump was humiliated by this improbable photo and he had not anticipated such a controversy. One thing is certain is that Twitter users are bursting with imagination. One Twitter even shared an image from the scene from the Christmas movie, Elf, where the character of Will Ferrell – a human who was raised as an elf at the North Pole and who grows much taller than his fellow Elves – is sitting at his small elf school desk.

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