Donald Trump's 16-year-old son is head and shoulders above his father


    Donald Trump's 16-year-old son is head and shoulders taller than his father

    The 16-year-old Barron Trump is 2.01 meters tall.

    Last week it became known about death of the former wife of the 45th President of the United States Donald trump Ivana trump. The other day, her relatives said goodbye to the businesswoman. A memorial service for Ivana was held at St. Vincent Ferrer Catholic Church on Lexington Avenue. The funeral was attended by the entire family of Donald Trump: his wife Melania with her son Barron, as well as the children of Donald and Ivana – Donald Jr., Eric and Ivanka with their families.

    The Internet drew attention to the grown-up son of Donald Trump and Melania – 16-year-old Barron. The young man is a whole head taller than his famous parents. Considering that Donald Trump is 190 cm tall and his wife Melania, who is 180 cm tall, wears high heels, Barron's height, which is clearly a head and a half taller than his mother and a head and a half taller than his father, is really impressive.

    16- the summer son of Donald Trump became head and shoulders above his father

    For a long time, no one knew the exact height of Barron. Journalists guessed that his parameters were probably a little over two meters. Last year, Donald Trump himself revealed how tall his son is. It turned out to be 2.01 meters.

    The Trump family attended the mourning event in elegant black outfits.

    As Focus wrote earlier, the entrance to the memorial Ivana Trump’s service was by invitation, but a whole crowd of journalists and admirers of the deceased gathered at the entrance. It is known that after the funeral ceremony, Ivana's remains were taken to the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey. There, the family of the former US president gathered for a private reception for their own.


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