Donald Tusk did not spare his strong words towards the Law and Justice party. “Who believes in God does not vote for PiS”


The Civic Platform convention is behind us.

 Donald Tusk did not spare his strong words at Law and Justice.

As the “Super Express” portal reminds us, on Saturday the Convention of the Future of the Civic Platform was held. The meeting was organized in Radom, and during it you could not only hear the diagnosis of the current situation in our country, but also the plans for the future of the largest opposition party. The conventions were opened by the PO leader, Donald Tusk, who summed up the hitherto rule of the United Right camp in strong words.

PO Convention

At 12:00 at On Saturday, July 2, the PO Future Convention was launched. The event included both the PO politician and the leader of the party forming the Civic Coalition, including Barbara Nowacka (Inicjatywa Polska) and Adam Szłapka (Nowoczesna). In the sports and entertainment hall of the Radom Sports Center there were a total of six thousand people.

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