Donner Dobuds One Wireless Earbuds

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Dobuds One Wireless Headphones, by Donner

The company Donnerhas announced the entry into the market of Dobuds One wireless earphones in four colors: matte black, mint green, snow white and navy blue. The price is about 60 euros.

They come with a double controller system,one dynamic for richer bass response and one custom balanced armature, which enhances delicate sounds. As a result, we get a good level of immersive audio in any listening situation. All in all, the combination of a large 12mm LCP dynamic driver and a balanced armature driver with integrated ANC provides quality listening, especially considering its market price. . 

After a decade of research by the manufacturing company, these headphones are poised to provide a balanced sound experience. As Sutter Zhao has pointed out, Product Manager, Headphones Division Donner: ‚ÄúDynamic drivers are good at delivering warm sounds with powerful bass, but they lack detail in the higher frequencies and, as a result, produce an unbalanced sound. With a hybrid design of 1 large dynamic driver for rich bass response and 1 custom balanced armature driver for a more delicate sound in high frequencies, Dobuds One effectively manages music details by delivering balanced, multi-layered sound.”

Applied intelligence

Equipped with digital active noise cancellation that contains a deep learning algorithm, they achieve a full 30dB noise cancellation for crystal clear audio regardless of surrounding noise.

It uses dual microphone beamforming and wind noise resistant technology for clear phone calls. Each earbud contains four built-in microphones, two of which are used to measure and process ambient sounds. 


Features an app for platforms iOS and Android with six EQ presetsand customizable modes. Through the Donner Control application, it is possible to increase or decrease specific frequencies according to personal tastes, as well how to customize the sound for the type of music you are playing sounding like pop, electronic, classical, etc.

Other key features

Fast charge time: 10 minutes for 2 hours of use

Headphones + Case: 32 hours with ANC off

Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.2

Water resistant

Colors: matte black, mint green, snow white and navy blue

Price: Dobuds One headphones are available for 35.99 euros, < /strong>since the company offers extra discount coupons and promotion.

More information:


Donner Dobuds One come with a case that integrates an additional backup battery capable of charging the headphones three times, it is recharged by USB-C and has three LEDs with which to check the battery status, including charging and autonomy.

The ergonomics are good and guarantee a comfortable and firm fit that prevents them from falling. They are splash and sweat resistant. 

There are five tip sizes to choose from depending on the ear, they are dust resistant.

Connectivity < /h3>

They connect via Bluetooth 5.2. The control system that is carried out through the touch panels located on both earphones is complete and, in addition to managing music playback and ANC, it also allows you to change the playback volume.

Through the application it is possible to customize the gestures to be able to assign the activation or deactivation of the game mode to one of the touches.


The device guarantees stable connectivity within 10 meters.

Efficient technologies

The drivers are 12 mm and are assisted by the Balanced Armature technology that mainly powers the mid and low tones. The reproduction level is balanced and it should be noted that even at a high volume they are capable of allowing all the instruments to be distinguished from each other. and the separation of the channels is of a good level.

The technology integrated in Donner Dobuds One is capable of reducing background noise in a variable frequency range between 80 Hz and 2000 Hz, with a maximum reduction of about -30 dB. Background sounds are well filtered. It is also Transparency mode to hear all the surrounding sounds through the headphones.

ENC, the noise cancellation system used during voice calls , is excellentand guarantees a clear transmission.

With the application it is possible to adjust the power level of the ANC according to 4 different modes, it is possible to modify the equalization audio, activate game mode, and modify the controls related to touch gestures, among other possibilities.


With the ANC active, they can work for about 5 hours, autonomy that reaches up to 8 hours without noise cancellation. They can be recharged up to three times by charging the case. Based on device testing, a full charge of the earbuds and case will last up to 32 hours with ANC turned off. About 10 to 15 minutes of charging time will give two hours of power. 


This model is presented as an excellent headset with ANC for less than 60 euros: it has noise cancellation, they are comfortable, they are accompanied by a fairly complete app and they guarantee good audio on calls. 

They feature balanced music quality, IPX4 rating, durable construction, long battery life and fast charging support.

There are many Options through the app to personalize the sound experience. They are comfortable to wear and will not cause discomfort during use. 

The dual-driver system does a good job of providing a nice balance with crisp highs and deep lows. The sound experience when listening to music is immersive, even used in games.

Features summary

Dobuds One brings the combination of a controller 12mm dynamic and balanced armature driver to fully support the high frequency range. Hybrid dual drivers make the sound rich and delicate, while providing plenty of musical detail.

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) can reduce noise by 30 dB from a range of 80 Hz to 2 KHz, allowing you to immerse yourself in the music. Switching to ANC mode will filter automatically screens out external ambient noise.

Integrates beamforming noise cancellation technology for windproof and clear calls. 4 built-in microphones, two of which measure and process ambient sounds. This feature, with anti-noise construction, prevents noise when combined with Donner Control app operation, for noise-free calls.

There are 5 different sizes of tips available (including XS, S, M, L and XL). The earphones' inner layer covers are snug, while the outer layer is soft to fit the ear canal.

With a Type-C port and fast-charging technology, every 10 minutes of charging provides 2 hours of music playback. This increases usage time by allowing them to be recharged less frequently. Single ear battery life is 8 hours (when ANC is off) and the charging case can complete 3 full charge cycles. Dobuds ONE with a total of 32 hours.

They have a good price-performance ratio.