Donovan Mitchell amazes with 71 points, the seventh best score in NBA history

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Donovan Mitchell amazes with 71 points, the seventh best score in NBA history

An amazing Donovan Mitchell guided This Monday with 71 points the epic comeback of the Cleveland Cavaliers against the Chicago Bulls (145-134), in a game in which his team was losing by 21 points in the second quarter.

Mitchell sealed the win. He put together a monumental performance, the seventh best in NBA history and the best in the last 17 years, since Kobe Bryant signed 81 with The Los Angeles Lakers. angeles lakersagainst the New York Knicks in 2006.

His match ended. for Cleveland with a ‘double double’ He scored 71 points, with 22 of 34 shooting, seven triples and twenty of 25 free throws, to which he added a goal. eight rebounds and eleven assists.

Mitchell's scoring joins those of Wilt Chamberlain (six times), Kobe Byrant, David Thompson, Elgin Baylor, David Robinson and Devin Booker (last to do so in 2017) as the only players with 70 or more points in a game.

Rogue Play

MitchellHe was the absolute protagonist of a game in which Kevin Love signed the title. He had twelve points and 17 rebounds, while, for the Bulls, DeMar DeRozan scored 12 points. 44 points without being able to avoid defeat.

Number 45 of the Cavaliersforced The overtime three seconds from the end of the fourth period, when he missed the second of two free kicks on purpose, captured the rebound and supported the ball that tied the ball on the board. the duel at 130. One of those actions that will be remembered in time. In the extra time he added a goal. 13 of the 15 points scored by the Cavs, who dominated it with a 15-4 run.

Against a mentally depressed Bulls, Mitchell it got out He went into overtime and completed the game. a historic performance. Until now, the best scoring record of the year was from Slovenian Luka Doncic , with 60 points from last week, followed by Joel Embiid 59 and 58 by Devin Booker.

“First off, congratulations to my teammates, we fought. I know I scored 70 points, but I wouldn't be here without them. We did it.” As a group, my teammates put me in a good position and I made the plays,” Mitchell said after the Cleveland game.

“I looked for a way to win. I told JB (Bickerstaff) not to take me off. I've tried different things and I feel blessed,” he added.