Don’t cross the road will Smith! The actor showed how Turkey was blocking his passage

In the U.S., yesterday was thanksgiving, and no one felt this better than will Smith. The actor was faced with an unusual situation: while he was heading to the grocery store for the pies, the Turkey decided to block his way.

Не переходи дорогу Уиллу Смиту! Актер показал, как индейка загородила ему проезд

Smith shared a video in his Instagram. It shows on the freeway right in front of the car will walks the real Turkey.

Why did the Turkey cross the road? No, really, why did she do it? I’m trying to get the family some cakes,

— he wrote. On the video, Smith said that with the holiday, he was right: it’s definitely thanksgiving, when the Turkey is even on the road.

Fans were amused by a video of Smith. Many of them left humorous comments and thought, why the Turkey was found in the way of the actor. “She just didn’t know what you’re driving”, “This Turkey picked the best day to commit suicide, She is clearly trying to avoid his death, and not to be eaten by humans,” wrote the members.

However, there were those who suspected something was wrong and decided that the video of the actor edited, and no Turkey in fact he never met. “Who edits your videos? He’s very good,” — said one of the subscribers. Fans explained this theory: when will switched to the front camera, outside the window of his car is clearly not a freeway. But loyal fans of the actor still continued to believe that this video is not mounted.

“Forced Jayden to repeat it with me!”

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